A Photograph by Shirley Toulson Analysis

A Photograph by Shirley Toulson Analysis

This is a small analysis of A Photograph by Shirley Toulson. So without any further delay, let us start with a line by line analysis.

A Photograph Analysis

The cardboard shows me how it was when the two girl goes in swing paddling the pOH it starts the poem by saying that the cardboard frame here cardboard means of very thick, stiff paper usually pale brown in color. When the poet says about cardboard, he is indirectly speaking about a photograph.

The photograph shows her how it was when the two girl cousins went down, cling to the sea.

Now, what do you mean by paddling?

Paddling used to refer to the act of walking barefoot in shallow water.

So the two girl cousins along with the poet’s mother, were walking barefoot in the shallow water each one holding one of my mother’s side and she the big girl some 12 years or so.

Her mother was the eldest of the three girls. So she was holding each of their hands.

Both the cousins were holding one of our mothers and her mother was a girl of 12 years of age.

All three stood still to smile through their here at the uncle with the camera.

So all the three of them stood still and smile to their here. What do you mean by true they are here.

Your true they are here searching is asked that the weather was windy may be due to the effect of the sea breeze.

While the uncle was taking their photograph, the hill failed on their faces.

They stood still but they’re here was all over their faces. When the uncle was clicking the photograph.

A sweet face my mother’s. That was before I was born.

The poet described some mother’s face, her mother’s face was very sweet and when the photograph was clicked, at that time.

The poet was not even born, the poet was yet to be born and the sea which appears to have changed lives.

The poet has already described the sweet face of a mother and now she is talking about the sea while the sweet face of our mother has changed drastically over the years.

But the sea compared to her mother’s face has not really changed much does.

In these lines the poet shows us the conflict between nature and human beings.

Human beings changed with the passage of time but nature remains constant.

And the sea which app used to have changed lyst worked the earth Ripley transients.

Although her mother’s face has changed considerably over the years, the CF used to have remained the same.

The unchanging see reflects the eternal state of the natural elements.

And at the same time in said the ever changing state of humans, the Salton Sea with what they are credibly transients transient humans temporary or a thing that lasts only for a short period of time. transcend fit us here is an example have transferred AP third.

For those who don’t know any water transport, AP third is a transferred a third is a description which refers to an event.

But is used to describe another. transcend faith means the footprints of the cousins on the sand which was washed away by the sea.

But in this context, it also refers to that temporary state of human life.

The objects of nature remain constant but human beings change and ultimately parishes with the passage of time.

Some 2030 years later, she would laugh at the snapshot.

The point here emergence water mother would have done after 20 to 30 years, her mother would have laughed at the snapshot.

Snapshot means an informal photograph taken with the site of the photograph will bring back the sweet memories of the day when a mother went for battling with her cousin.

And to buy her mother feel good.

See Betty and Dolly should say and look how they’re dressed as for the beach, she would have say to Betty and Dolly how they had been pressed for the sea holiday.

She would wander with joy about the day that was their past.

But that was made alive again in their memory by the photograph.

The sea holiday was her past mine is laughter So understand this line very carefully.

The sea holiday which can be seen in the photograph was the past of a mother and mine is a love Tamils, her mother’s laughter which the poet could see in the photograph is Kuwait’s pass.

Why? Because her mother is normal, she is both right with the labeled ease of loss.

Right use your means to state that is both the things underway, painful change with the labored ease of loss.

What do you mean by labor, labor it means something that is done with great effort and difficulty.

Whereas ease means easy. So labor and ease are completely opposite or contrasting words.

But in this line, they are used side by side.

So this is an example of an oxymoron.

But two words oppose it in meaning are used side by side.

So labored and easy are used side by side. So the oxymoron.

So through this line, the poet wants to tell us that it was very difficult to accept the fact that both her mother’s holiday and her love changed very easily with the passage of time.

It was very hard for the poet to acknowledge the fact that both her mother’s holiday, as well as a smile, is a thing of past.

Now she has been nearly as many years as that girl Lyft we have earlier read that her mother was 12 years of age when the photo club was click.

And now she is telling us that her mother has been dead as many years as that girl in the photograph leaped, which means that a mother has been paid for will views.

And of this circumstance, there is nothing to say at all.

Circumstance means of factor condition, or other we can say state of affairs.

Here the poet says as of this state of affairs, she has nothing to say at all.

Both the poet and her mother lost things. While her mother lost her childhood no sense that the photograph captured years ago, the poet lost the smile of her mother forever as she is no mode.

The present situation has made the poet speechless. She has nothing to say at all. It’s silence silences. So this one is the most important line of the point.

The last line of the poem is the most important line. If silence, silence is the silence of the girl in the photograph, silences the poet.

She becomes speechless when the photograph reminds her of the path that she would never ever hear her mother speak again, as she is no more. So the silence of her mother silences.

Does through the point of photographs.

The poet he said the futility of human life.

We are bewildered when we come to terms with the fact that a mere photograph our lives some other human life is so transistor, that more often than not a photograph has more longevity than human life.

A photograph captures a certain moment of someone’s life. Everything changes the person in the photo clock may change.

The atmosphere may change your surroundings may change. But the memories attached with the photograph are eternal.

They are not going to change. So whenever we see a photograph, we are reminded of the past it makes the memories of that day come alive.

We should also look at the fact that the photograph was a thing of joy for her mother. It made her laugh.

But when the poet sees the photograph, she is filled with remotes.

Her heartaches, because the photograph reminds her of the loss that she had to suffer. While the photograph brought joy to her mother.

It made the poet remember the agony of losing her mother.

So hopefully you guys have understood the point.

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