The Funeral, by John Donne

The Funeral, by John Donne

Hear the speaker is imagining their death and what will be found when they die. Let’s see what we can come up with whoever comes to shroud me cover me when I’m done do not harm no.

The Funeral, by John Donne

It’s almost instructions on his death that subtle wreath of hair which crowns my arm mystery.

The signs you must not touch for tears My outward soul What a wonderful image that subtle wreath of hair which crowns my arm.

So reef of hair so there’s a kind of circle of hair and it crowns it to root it’s a symbol of ruling so he’s got this hair wreath around his hand almost like a ring mystery the sign.

You must not touch for tears My outward so viceroy to that which until hadn’t been gone leave this to control and keep these limbs for provinces from the solution. Okay, so I think this is dead lovers hair which rules from heaven.

Now the language is one of government her provinces so they don’t dissolve.

So don’t touch this, this, this reef, it’s a crown and, and it’s a way of her to control these limbs which are her provinces and please don’t disturb it.

For if the sinewy thread my brain Let’s fall through every part can tie those parts and make me one of all those hairs which upward grew and strength and art have from a better brain can better do it.

Who if the scenery thread my brain Let’s fall so that must be the hair from his head.

They tie everything together make me one and all of all the hair that upward grew and strengthen art have from a better brain can better do it.

So actually, this, this hair re that’s where controls me. Then my brain.

My mind, I think that’s what’s being said, except she meant that I buy this should know my pain as prisoners then are manacled when they are condemned to die.

Okay, so now it’s not a crown, some chains. So hair, his crown, hair his chains what air she meant by it, bury it by me.

For since I love murder look, whether she meant to rule me or control me it doesn’t matter whatever she meant by it. Bury it with me. I love martyr for since I’m it might. So since I died for love.

This the symbol might breed idolatry meaning people it like a relic.

So Catholics worshiped objects of saints, which they called relics. And for the modern Christian, the Protestant Christian that’s idolatry worshipping of things instead of God.

So he’s worried this hair, this symbol, it, people would use it as a relic. If under others hands, these relics came as was humility to afford it.

Afford to it all that a soul can do as it was humility, to afford to it all that a soul.

So for him, he didn’t. He wasn’t idolatrous of it. He was being humble.

And he was humble, humbled by this as a symbol of a soul. And that’s not what other people will do.

They’ll just use it as something to worship to afford to all this so to some bravery, that since you would have none of me. I bury some of you.

Ah, so this is a spurned, spurned lover. So he’s saying, this is another one of those on I’m gonna die poems.

So, so he’s been rejected, and he had this, he had this hair wreath or some symbol from her. And it, it showed that she ruled over him, it showed that she controlled him.

But nonetheless, he loves her all the way to the end. Even though she’ll have nothing to do with him, he’ll, he will bury her with him.

Wow, that’s hard again, yet another example of a really complex conceit. What I noticed in reading this poem is that don’t keep shifting the ground on what, what a symbol means or what it signifies.

So that shifting forces the reader to read really closely, to follow the argument to follow the conceit on.

It’s a surprise ending.

But once we know the convention, of what it means to be rejected by your level and how you react, it seems to fit into a pattern

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