Comparing Storm on the Island and The Prelude

Comparing Storm on the Island and The Prelude

Hello literature students here we’re going to take another look at the poetry comparison question.

If you remember, this task is on the Aqa literature paper to modern texts and poetry, just reminder that there will be two questions in Section B of this exam paper.

So you just need to make sure that you answer the question on the cluster of poems that you studied.

So power and conflict.

For example, you need to write about two poems from this collection, the poem named in the question I’ll be printed for you, but the other you’ll need to know well enough to have a quote from.

Remember, there are some pretty easy wins here. Obviously, you need to make sure that you answer the question.

You need to make sure that you are using quotations to support the interpretation that you’re making.

Make sure that you focus on writers’ methods and the effect that they might have on a reader while identifying the techniques that are being used.

Comparing Storm on the Island and The Prelude

There’s obviously some element of comparison. And you also need to include the context of the poem, which means either the time that the poem is written or its genre, and we talk about comparing poems.

The best way of making sure that you’re doing this is to use comparative collectives like this to show differences and similarities.

So if you’re showing that something is similar to something else, then use the word similarly or likewise or as we then if you’re trying to show that the poems are different in some way than us whereas or alternatively, or on the other hand.

I mentioned writing about the techniques that the poet uses, which means being able to identify simile or metaphor or automatic appear.

But it also means being able to identify word devices like nouns or adjectives or prepositions.

It’s always going to sound more sophisticated if you can identify a word like terror as an abstract noun, rather than is just a word.

So let’s imagine that the poem Storm on the Island came up on the exam papers. The named poem, with the question being this one, compare how poets present the power of the natural world in a storm on the island,

And one other poem from power and conflict and for this video I’ve chosen the prelude is the poem to compare it to.

The main point that you want to be making here is the installment of the island, the natural world is presented in two important ways.

On the one hand, he presents the natural surroundings and physical geography of the island while on the other.

The poem also describes the storm that a community of Island is sheltering from.

Despite the seemingly negative way in which the island is described in this poem, the harsh, barren landscape has turned into a series of advantages provided to the islanders when a storm strikes.

So in this poem, on the one hand, we have the power that the storm has over the people who live there.

But ultimately, this is a poem about the power that the island is have to withstand the storm using the few resources available. In the prelude, we see the powerful transformative effect the natural world can have on an individual growing up.

The young words’ worth is both humbled and awed by the power of seeing nature on a grand scale. Nature here is presented as deeply affecting, and the experience he described stays with him for many days afterward.

It literally alters his perspective on nature, from a childish impression of seeing nature in simple terms is pleasant images of trees, see sky and fields, do understanding that nature can also be or inspiring, huge and darkly powerful.

In this poem, The narrator believes that he has power over nature, but it becomes clear that in fact, nature is more powerful than him.

So let’s, if we can put these general ideas into a more specific response to the exam question which meets the assessment objectives and looks.

I’m not going to make any bold promises here about if you do this, then you will get a level nine because actually, no one can say that.

What I’m interested in here is showing you the skills that the exam board wants to see and an effective style of writing.

So let’s begin. In a Storm on the Island, the natural world is presented as being in conflict with the islanders who lived there. The island is shown to be more powerful than the storm there sheltering from as evidenced by the first three words we are prepared.

The poem is written in I Ambika pentameter, which stresses the second syllable and emphasizes just how prepared they are.

Despite the many disadvantages presented by the natural world, the island is are able to make the best of what they have.

A good example of this is this was earth which has never troubled us with Hey, the personification of the Earth is wisdom and makes the island seem shriveled with age and dried up so it can’t produce crops.

But for the Islanders, this is empowering, as it means they are forced to roof their houses with a good slate which won’t be blown away in a storm.

This is similar to the prelude because at the beginning of this poem, Wordsworth feels that he too has power over the natural world.

The Prelude is Wordsworth poetic autobiography, and in this extract is found a rowing boat tied to a tree in the Lake District where he grew up, Rose onto the lake lustily, which suggests is useful skill.

He also describes himself as heaving through the water, like a swan, and this simile might make a connection between himself in a graceful, elegant bird in order to suggest the way in which the poet himself is gliding across the water.

However, the verb heaving also suggests great effort and might hint towards the realization Wordsworth is about to have.

Wordsworth conveys a feeling that he is more powerful than the natural surroundings until the volta or turning point which is indicated by the verb, when, after this point, a huge peak black and huge appears on the horizon.

And Wordsworth returns to shore with trembling oars, suggesting he’s been humbled by the power of nature.

This is in contrast to the storm on the island where the island sits tight, despite the storms great power.

He uses a range of military images in this poem to suggest that the people they’re being attacked, bombarded by the empty air.

However, the oxymoron exploding comfortably indicates that however powerful the storm may be, the island is a relaxed and unperturbed by the similarly spit stock, a team captain savage suggests the way the natural world can become suddenly wild and fierce.

But this is combined with images of insignificance, like invisibly empty, and nothing to highlight, again, the lack of power the natural world has over them.

So I’ve now got an answer, which is about 450 words long, and I’m just going to highlight where the assessment objectives have been met.

You can see that I keep linking back to keywords in the question to help me stay focused on what the task is asking me to do.

I’ve used a range of quotations from both poems, but mostly from the one I’ve got in front of me.

And you can see where I’ve tried to integrate the quotations into the line that I’m running.

There’s a clear focus on writers’ methods, and the techniques being used, and most like suggests, and indicates allow me to consider the intended impact of these lines.

I’m showing evidence of comparison with phrases here.

And here, of the evening through that a bit of context, showing that the prelude is his poetic autobiography.

And for a bit of extra sophistication. I’ve even included a bit of extra alternative interpretation of a line.

So there you go. I do hope that’s been useful.

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